My Proposal Story

My heart is so full. Tuesday, November 7th was the happiest day of my life because I said “YES!” to marrying my best friend. First of all, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that congratulated Jacob and I and wished us well! We’re both SO excited! I thought you all might like to hear the full story on how he asked, so here we go!

I should probably start with a little background story. A few weeks ago, I went to get on Jacobs phone because we were talking about something and I was like “maybe you have a picture on your phone” and he started acting really weird and wouldn’t let me on his phone. So I knew something was going on. I was thinking maybe a Christmas present or something. I kept on questioning him because once I know something is going on, I have to know! (Especially if it involves me) I guess Jacob was trying to throw me off, because he led me to believe that my dad and him were planning to scare me for Halloween. I genuinely believed they were going to dress up like clowns. I was on guard for like a week. After realizing it wasn’t that, I decided that maybe Jacob was just trying to trick me and make me think there was something going on when there was absolutely nothing at all. (Sounds like something he’d do) I just let it go.

So over the Summer, I scheduled a session for Jacob and I with my favorite photographer, Katie Rhodes. Tuesday was the day of that session! I was so excited to get our pictures taken, but Jacob proposing never even crossed my mind. Jacob hates taking pictures and he was complaining for a week about having to take them. (Again, to throw me off) On the way to take the pictures, he kept saying “It’s so cold, I don’t want to do this Maddy” and I was getting mad and saying “Please don’t act like that. Just be cooperative for me!”

So we get there and start taking pictures. I didn’t get any nervous vibes from Jacob or Katie during the session. Literally didn’t have a clue! So towards the end of the session, Katie had me come stand a few feet in front of Jacob and had Jacob in the back looking at me. I was thinking “this is kind of a strange pose, but whatever Katie knows what she’s doing.” Then Katie told me to turn and look at Jacob and he was down on his knee. My first thought was “Why is he on his knee? What a weird pose.” It took me a lot longer than it should have to realize what was going on. Once I realized what was happening, I went numb. It didn’t feel like it was real to me.

Once we started driving back to Jacobs house, it started to hit me what had just happened. Since then, I’ve felt like I’m floating because I’m so so so happy! It’s not the longest story, but I thought that even if no one else is interested, I’ll have this post to go back and look at to remember this day!

( Photos by: Katie Rhodes )

Katie, thank you SO much for capturing this moment! I’m so happy that you got to be involved in the best day! See more of Katie’s gorgeous photos on her website.

Jacob, thank you for making this day so so special! I love you with all my heart and I’m so happy I get to do life with my best friend!

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