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Yellow Bell Sleeve Dress + Meet Eloise

I hope y’all like puppies, because you’ll be seeing lots of this sweet baby on Confetti Closet from now on! Meet Eloise (Elle) Nanney!

On Monday, Jacob welcomed Elle into his life and of course, I fell in love the second I saw her. She’s just the sweetest little thing! I sure hope Elle warms up to the camera because she’s going to be in so many of my blog post!

Now, lets talk about the gorgeous yellow bell sleeve dress. Yellow has been my favorite color this season. It just makes me happy! I got this dress from Shein which is probably a total shock to those of you that have ever looked around on the Shein site. The prices almost seem too good to be true. I was skeptical of ordering from them, but I wanted to try it out and do a post on Shein for those of you that may be wondering “Is it legit?” So in the near future, be on the lookout for a full blog post on my experience with Shein and what I think of their online store after ordering and receiving my clothing.

I am very happy with this dress! It looks exactly like it did in the picture online. The only issue I’ve had is that when I went to iron it before this shoot, the iron stuck to the fabric as soon as it touched it and made a big burn mark. I assume this happened because of the fabric not being very high quality. Of course, the dress was super cheap so I’m not complaining at all. I usually use a steamer on ALL of my clothes but mine hasn’t been working lately so I thought I’d try an iron. I just wanted to let you all know that if you purchase this dress, you should steam it and avoid ironing because it didn’t turn out well for me when I did.

For sizing references, I’m wearing an XS and it fits perfect. I’m usually an XS or Small so I’d say this dress runs true to size.

To accessorize this outfit, I added my tassel earrings. I can’t find this exact pair online, but I linked some other adorable tassel in the slider below! I also linked some other cute bright yellow dresses you all may like!

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Yellow Bell Sleeve Dress

Bell sleeves are an obsession of mine this year! This bright yellow dress caught my eye and I just knew I needed it in my life for Spring! Yellow is my favorite color to wear lately. It just makes me happy!

I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to visit Confetti Closet and read my post! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it! If you did, I’d love to hear in the comments below! Have any of you shopped with Shein? If so, what did you think?

P.S. Make sure you all are signed up for so that you can shop your Instagram likes! Download the app and simply screenshot the image that you want outfit details on and it will be sent directly to the app so you can shop the items in the image. How awesome is that? You may notice lots of new on my blog. For example, the “Shop My Favs” page. On this page, I link items I have and love or items I want to buy! You can shop all of the items on that page. Simply click the image of the item you like and you’ll be redirected to where you can get it. You can also shop my Instagram images on my “Shop the Feed” page.

A full blog post explaining will be coming soon so no worries if you’re unsure about what exactly it is! I want to make sure you’re all informed.

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