Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me! I would be so happy to work with you! Email me at maddy@confetticloset.com if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate! I am always open to new ideas!


If you have an online boutique or brand and would like me to do a review of your product or company, please feel free to contact me! You are welcome to email me about sending samples and if I feel that your brand will be of interest to my readers, I will do a review post on my blog and post it to my social media accounts as well. I do ask, however, to only review clothing, accessories, jewelry and beauty products. Having bloggers feature your products or brand on their blog is a great way to get your company exposed! I’d love to be a part of helping your company!

Blogger Collaboration  

If you’re a blogger looking to collaborate, I would LOVE to! Any ideas you have, please share with me by emailing me directly! (Email above)


Doing a giveaway of one of your products through a bloggers is a good way to get peoples attention and expose your company to new customers. It is a great way to increase your social media followers or to gain subscribers.


If you have an idea of how we can collaborate that I failed to mention, I would love to hear it! I am open to working with any company, big or small, as long as I feel that the products offered would be of interest to my viewers!